This wine project wants to rediscover ancient vines.
SanVitis, whose first harvest is 2015, focus on traditional grapes of Lazio,
that represent the oenological history of this region
Bellone, Trebbiano, Malvasia and Cesanese are all native grape varieties, which are cultivated in the respect of their naturalness.
The planted varieties are vinified in purity with a precise purpose: to preserve all their characteristics,
to exalt their natural flavors and to be territory representative.
The low level of sulphites makes them even more "healthy and natural".

Rosso La Torre

A new SanVitis label born from the marriage of our Cesanese with two international grape varieties, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. They give roundness and smooth the character of this indigenous grape, without to betray its characteristics.

It is an elegant wine with an enveloping character.
It has an intense ruby red color. At the nose has suggestions of ripe and cooked red fruit, as cherry and plum, with aromas of violet and spicy notes. On the palate it has intense fruity aromas and dark spices; it is immediately elegant and balanced wine, warm and soft. A full-bodied wine, with softened tannins and good acidity and a pleasant and prolonged persistence. The long aging gives it value and roundness, also guaranteeing it a good and promising aging.


It is an ancient vine of Lazio, already existing in Latin times, in the centuries it has maintained the role of the principal territory culture until today. It is in fact among the most important red grapes in the region. The low yields and the high selection make it a fine wine.
Ruby red color.
On the nose it discovers its floral aromas, the purple in particular, scents of red fruit and star anise. In the mouth is straight, dynamic and complex. It is a wine with a strong personality, that reflects the territory and the long aging gives it value and softness. It combines perfectly with dishes of the typical Roman tradition.


Bellone is an ancient vine, already Pliny in Roman times quotes it as a “uva pantastica”. A wine of over 2000 years, widespread in Castelli Romani area and also known as Cacchione, Arciprete or "grape bread" for its subtle and delicate skin. It is one of the classic Lazio native vines, rediscovered on the territory and its represents the real production challenge of SanVitis.
An ancient and rare wine, directly from the Roman Empire, which is replicated on a contemporary recipes. Unique scents and flavors that give special and new characteristics compared to the wines we are used to.
It is an innovation of over two thousand years.

Brilliant straw yellow color with golden reflections.
Scents of fruity notes of citrus and peach, with light almond on the end. A very "male" wine, which surprises at the first sip. Dry, little aromatic, salty in the mouth with mineral accents. It is intense, balanced and persistent. Perfec with classic Roman cuisine, seasoned cheeses, fried fish and fish dishes.


Malvasia of Candia takes its name from Monemvasia, Greek port of Candia Island (Crete) from which it arrives. A wine with a big history. that begins to spread from 1200, when the first traces of transport of "vinum de malvasias" are found, in particular Malvasia del Lazio is recognized since 1888.
It’s one of the oldest vines cultivated in Europe and especially in Italy. It is a vine of great quality and aromatic strength, that enjoys an important rediscovery, especially for pure vinification like that chosen by SanVitis, which gives elegance and character.
Straw yellow color.
Malvasia is elegant and delicate both on the nose and on the palate. It has a complex aromatic bouquet with a lot of aromas of orange, cedar, lemon, fruity, apricot and floral notes. Its peculiarity is the unmistakable freshness, its sapidity and the simplicity. A harmonious and lively wine, great with raw and cooked fish.


This grape descends from the Etruscan-Roman period and has spread over time thanks to its ability to adapt to italian climate and territory. The Trebbiano Giallo is typical of the Castelli Romani area and in the province of Rome.
Trebbiano of Sanvitis is worked in purity to valorize its organoleptic characteristics and to obtain a complex wine with a strong but, at the same time, pleasant character. It is, in fact, a wine full of aromas and scents, fresh and with good acidity.

Straw yellow color with light green reflections.
On the nose it has yellow apple scents and flowers with vanilla notes. On the palate it is fresh and sapid, dry with a medium body and a good persistence. Extremely versatile in cuisine.


Flaminio is our Italic cut, a blend of grapes typical of Lazio and central Italy , the best selected grapes at each harvest.
With Flaminio we want to give a new interpretation of the territory, perhaps a little out of the box, creating a new combination of our native vines, which knows how to give a frank wine, with the right gustatory complexity
Pale yellow color with golden reflexes. The scent isn’t ordinary with a parfum of citrus and spices. In the mouth is elegant, with a manifest freshness and a structured flavor.

Sanvitis chooses a natural viticulture made of land, sun, water and wind. These are the protagonists of the work done in the vineyard and only ingredients that give to the grapes all their qualities.

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