The SanVitis project is based on many diversities of soil and product and it wants brings together viney, that are expression of Lazio and also world contamination, affirming a variegated but singular identity.

The production sector of SanVitis is divided between Olevano Romano and Albano. The white grapes are in the area of the Castelli Romani, where there are 7 hectares aged forty-five.

In Olevano Romano is SanVitis production center. Here, there is the Cesanese, that is planted more than fifty years ago, the ground is of red clay and it is very tenacious as the people living in these places. On the same plot there are plants Bellone and Passerina, Cabernet and Petit Verdot.

SanVitis's mission is to bottle a strong territorial identity, an healthy wine idea, according to a natural process, that respects the tradition but with modernity.

SanVitis believes that wine is made in vineyard with a lot of craftsmanship.

Sanvitis chooses a natural viticulture made of land, sun, water and wind. These are the protagonists of the work done in the vineyard and only ingredients that give to the grapes all their qualities.


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